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What Color are you?

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Colors is a team building & personality profile seminar, but so much more!  No  lessons to gain concrete insights into ourselves and others, with immediate, measurable and practical results.  Come discover the tools millions have already learned about communications, stresses, understanding others, your kids and relationships at home and at work!


Discover the different personality types of:

...People oriented, caring & friendly BLUE?   Stressed by easily getting feelings hurt...unable to say no...without enough ‘people’ time..      

...Task driven, loyal & organized GOLD?  Stressed by changes…judged as too rigid...with others not honouring your time & deadlines..

...Thinking, curious and questioning GREEN? Stressed by unreasonable deadlines...not enough information for decisions and no answers to the ‘why’ questions..

...Fun, spontaneous & action oriented ORANGE…stressed by   too many rules…being stuck in long meetings and behind a desk..

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Our four unique personality types feel, think, work and act in very different ways.  You’ll discover many practical tools and insights into yourself and others in one fun and practical seminar. It’ll be one of your most memorable evenings this year.

“Your seminars are playing a significant part in shaping our corporate culture, understanding, teamwork and member services.  Powerful tools we utilize every day, in so many situations with staff & members.” Glenda Rouleau, HR VP.

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